S144 Provides a suite of premium Business and Technology consulting services aimed at helping Technology Manufacturers, Resellers and our customers to grow their business and reach new markets
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We protect your most valuable assets.


"Take advantage of the full range of Consulting Services to help you design, customize, and implement a solution that is right for your IT infrastructure and supports your business goals."

Architect, Design, Implementation
Minimize deployment risks by partnering with our consultants to design an optimal network architecture and create a comprehensive plan to put that architecture into production.
Cloud Cost Control
Help your organization reduce costs, improve cybersecurity posture, and automate critical tasks to accelerate cloud.
Optimization & Remediation
Enhance the performance, health, and security of your IT investment with configuration optimization services.
Vulnerability Assessments
Spot the weaknesses in your security defenses before an attacker can exploit them. A regular vulnerability assessment can help you be proactive in uncovering and addressing security flaws and refining your cyber security strategy to remediate them.
Penetration Testing
"Ethical Hacking" service that evaluates the security of your digital assets through a simulated cyber-attack
Custom training designed for your organization, your infrastructure, your team.
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Managed Services

We provide ongoing, professional services for organizations of all sizes.


We Protect your network with world leading firewall technologies such as Cisco's ASA with FirePOWER series.


We monitor your network using Next-Gen Intrusion Detection Systems to identify malicious activity before attackers can do damage.


We help you prepare and execute a thorough Incident Response, including IRP development, response support, review and remediation.


Commercial operators are required to protect collected personal information. We help you understand compliance standards and ensure you're meeting all your responsibilities.

Liability Buffering

Implementing Professional Network Security can lower your organization's liability should incidents and loss occur.

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At S144 we're passionate about Security, Networks and Emerging Trends In Both. We are happy to work with Canadian Businesses in taking a stand against cybercrime in Canada. Businesses, governments and not-for-profit organizations have partnered with us to promote the intelligent use of technology in commerce. We promote a realistic, proactive approach to cybercrime as the data repeatedly shows that an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of reaction.

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